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Visualizing Data the Easy Way--AARP DataExplorer

In late 2015, the Public Policy Institute (PPI) launched AARP DataExplorer, its interactive data visualization tool for data on the 50+ population. AARP DataExplorer allows users to select indicators of their choice and easily customize the data (e.g., sorting by age, race/ethnicity, sex, state, income, health status, etc.) with a click of the mouse. A one-stop, accessible to all (i.e., no data programming skills required) website with data on issues relevant to the 50+ population, such as health, demographics, financial security, long-term services and supports, housing, and transportation. Users can create their own, customized visualizations. Then they can print, create PDFs, PowerPoint slides, and download the image or data to use in their own projects. AARP DataExplorer presents the most up-to-date data: each indicator is updated as soon as new data are available. AARP DataExplorer continues to add new indicators to meet users’ needs

The AARP DataExplorer site also features “storybooks”. Storybooks provide context for some of the data and help users understand the story behind the data.

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