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Source: S. Schondelmeyer and L. Purvis, RX Price Watch Reports. Washington, DC, AARP Public Policy Institute. 


A brand name drug is defined as a product marketed by the original holder of a new drug application (NDA) or biological license application (BLA) (or related licensees) for a given drug entity. The brand name drug market basket contains 227 drug products.

A generic drug is defined as any drug product marketed by an entity other than the NDA or BLA holder or related licensees. The generic drug market basket contains 280 drug products.

For the purposes of this report, specialty prescription drugs are defined as prescription drugs that are: (1) administered by injection, such as intravenous, intramuscular, sub-cutaneous, or other injection site (not including insulin); (2) any dosage form that has a total average prescription cost greater than $1,000 per prescription; or (3) any dosage form that has a total average cost per day of therapy greater than $33 per day. The specialty drug market basket contains 115 drug products.

The combined market basket is a combination of the brand name, generic, and specialty market baskets and contains 622 widely used drug products.

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